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Devlinks 2019, Week 32

August 11, 2019

Software Development

React Hooks, JavaScript

Why React Hooks

A good intro and a a history lesson about the evolving React APIs by Tyler McGinnis.

Analysis of an Exploited NPM Package

A presentation about the hack of the event-stream npm package in 2018. Very interesting and eye-opening about the weakness of any open-source ecosystem.

Laurie Voss: JavaScript - Who, What, Where, Why and Next

A good overview of the current state and trends in the JavaScript ecosystem.


I typically use gh-pages for simple static deployments to Github Pages. But this package has a bit a closer integration into the Angular CLI.


A Chrome extension that highlights view updates in Angular applications. This can give interesting insights for optimizing Performance in Angular applications.

A Chrome extension that makes navigating source code in the Browser much easier by turning import statements into links.

UI5 Web Components
Open-source and free web components by SAP.

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